Dr. Bernardine W. Daniels, Owner/CrossFit L-1 Trainer                                           

Hands-down Coach Bernie is one of CrossFit’s biggest enthusiasts.  Almost from the beginning of her fitness journey, she has constantly ‘sang the praises’ of how radically transformative CrossFit can be in an individuals life, regardless of age or level of fitness at the onset of training. A passion and respect for CrossFit served as a catalyst in Bernie’s decision to become a trainer, fueled by her desire to encourage and assist others in their own metamorphosis.  A former varsity athlete in both high school and college,  CrossFit L-1 Certified, CPR/AED Certification,  you will find Bernie instructing during WODs, facilitating on-ramps with new beginners, and leading the CrossFit Longevity class.  If you’re intimidated by CrossFit at all, you need to talk to Bernie.  She will ease any fears you have and her energy is contagious. She holds the B.A., M. Div. and D. Hum. degrees.

Bernie’s favorite WOD is “Randy” and her favorite lifts are the Power Snatch and Deadlift.

FullSizeRender     Jerry J. Daniels, ACE Certified Trainer, Coach

Coach Jerry, a former high school and college athlete/football player, demonstrates proficiency in Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Strength & Conditioning.  He holds the Personal Trainer Certification from the American Council on Exercise, CPR/AED Certification and has been a CrossFit athlete for the last 5 years.  You will find Coach Jerry encouraging and pushing athletes to new heights with an energy and compassion that is infectious.

Jerry’s favorite WOD is “Lynne” (a New Girl) and his favorite lift is the Power Clean.

kirk-said-owner-head-coach-crossfit-downriver    Kirk Said, Head Coach & Consummate Programmer

Coach Kirk earned his Bachelors in Exercise Science from Wayne State University and is an Athletic Trainer, Certified. His other certifications include CrossFit L-1 Certified, L-1 USAW Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Certified Mobility Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, as well as is a member of the NSCS, NATA, and is Certified in CPR and First Aid. He has worked in the field of Exercise Physiology for over 20 years, and has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their fitness goals. He is happily married to Colleen and they have three sons, current and future CrossFitters! They began CrossFit DownRiver (the sister box to CrossFit 523) in December of 2010, making it the FIRST CrossFit box in the downriver area!

Kirk’s favorite WOD is “The Chief” and his favorite lifts are the Dead Lift and the Power Clean.

fullsizerender-1 Helen Taylor, ACE Certified Trainer, Coach

Coach Helen is a 4th degree master instructor in Tae Kwon Do with 20 years experience in teaching traditional martial arts, kickboxing and self-defense. She is also a competitive cyclist and marathon runner. She has a passion for implementing proper nutrition in sports performance, weight loss and in everyday life.

Favorite moves: back squats and power cleans.  Favorite WOD: Manion